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Method with var-args

Rules for var-args:

  1. When you declare a var-arg parameter, you must specify the type of argument(s) this parameter of your method can receive.
  2. To declare a method using var-arg parameter, you follow thw type with an ellipsis (…), a space and then the name of the array that will hold the parameter recieve.
  3. It’s legal to have other parameters in a method that uses a var-arg.
  4. The var-arg must be the last parameter in the method’s signature, and you can have only one var-arg in a method.
void doSomething(int... a) { }
void doSomethind2(String a, int... b) { }

void doSomething3(int... a, int b) { }
void doSomething4(int... a, int... b) { }

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