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Redis Learning Note – 01 Installing

  1. Download & extract
    sudo wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-2.8.17.tar.gz
    cd /usr/local
    sudo tar xvzf /home/bluething/Downloads/redis-2.8.17.tar.gz
  2. Build
    cd redis-2.8.17/
    sudo make
    sudo make PREFIX=/usr/local/redis-2.8.17 install

    01. Redis Make02 Redis make install

  3. Create symbolic link
    sudo ln -s redis-2.8.17 /usr/local/redis-2.8.17
  4. Edit bash profile
    echo 'export PATH=/usr/local/redis-2.8.17/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bash_profile
    source ~/.bash_profile
  5. Create directory to store local configuration and log file.
    mkdir /home/bluething/redis

    create file redis.conf, fill with

    #Daemonize redis
    daemonize yes
    #Log file
    logfile /home/bluething/redis/redis.log
    #Data folder
    dir /usr/local/redis-2.8.17
  6. Start redis
    redis-server /home/bluething/redis/redis.conf
  7. Stop redis
    killall redis-server
  8. redis-cli
    redis cli

03 Redis various command

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