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After 4 years

About 4 years ago I met a woman. After a few weeks I finally fell in love with her. But at that time I had no opportunity to tell her that I like her. Until finally there was another man who did it. It was a very painful memory. The worst part is I can not control my emotions, I work a mess in a few weeks. Now, after four years I meet with someone.

I meet her a few month ago, she has joined our office. There was no interest from her, I was more attracted to her friend who have areas adjacent residence. After a while I became interested to her. Until finally I accidentally say it via whatsapp. But I doubt whether she has the same feeling as I felt. I’m not very exciting person, not handsome not rich, not clever. Even nothing to be proud from me. Therefore I am not sure whether this time successful or not. But I do not know if don’t try first. I was prepared that if this failed. The pain was certainly no different from I’ve ever felt four years ago.

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