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Why I like her?

Once upon a time she asked me why I like her. A difficult question to answer. Because at that time I don’t understand why can fall in love with her. I kept asking myself why I fell in love with her. It takes a few weeks for me to be able to answer that question.


So, this is six main reasons why I love her:

  1. She is pretty. Classic reasons, but this is what I see from her.
  2. Feel comfort when talk to her. Actually, she was the most I talked to everyday (especially weekdays).
  3. Good knowledge about Islam. I think this is why I’m sure to choose her (unfortunately she is not convinced about me). Why I can say this? Hmm another difficult question to answer, but I will try. First because she is wearing hijab.  Second, always doing Duha and Rawatib pray. Third, from some of the talks that we do. I understand, this conclusion may be premature. But I believe what I see and feel.
  4. She has a high fighting spirit. I already seen this almost everyday and I was impressed with it.
  5. She has a warm smile.
  6. She has high curiosity. Although this sometimes made me in difficult situations, but I’m very happy when she ask something.

That’s why I love her. Now the next hard challenge is to make her confident about me. I still have few month to do my best ^_^

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