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Troubleshooting Glassfish with HADB

Yesterday I played GlassFish 2.1.1 with HADB, there are two servers. First server I have a database status is nonoperational and second server status is stopped. Here workaround that I did.

Database status NonOperational


For this case the solution is quite easy. Read more…


Install Glassfish 2.1.1 with HADB

The following article is a note of my activity today play with high availability cluster in Glassfish 2.1.1.
The contents of this article can be use to learn to make HA-cluster in Glassfish 2.1.1 but not intended for production.

Note: when try to install Glassfish using java that came with installer. If you use java with higher versions then you will encounter an error when running the node agent and cluster. Read more…

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